Year round protection
Year Round Protection...

Our 365 Protection Plan offers you piece of mind by protecting your home and family from all rodents and insects 365 days a year by combining integrated pest management practices with our Perimeter Defense System.   The Perimeter Defense System is applied in three treatments , all being exterior.

mouseThe first service consist of a Structural Power Spray (Spring).  The second service is a Perimeter Spray (Summer) and followed  with an additional third Perimeter Spray (Fall). 

The 365 Protection Plan comes with a full one year warranty with unlimited service calls on the interior and exterior of the home. Mice are also included in this service plan.  Guaranteed pest free!

Having issues with Stink Bugs, Asian Beetles and Boxelder Bugs? You can Add-On additional services to your 365 Protection Plan with a Fall Structural Spray to help reduce and control these nuisance issues.

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